Balaal Khan & Partners Solicitors was set up by Solicitor Advocate Balaal Hussain Khan to provide access to top class justice to lay and professional clients be it in private or publicly funded cases.  

The firm has the highest set of standards which ensures that you will always receive first class service no matter how big or small your case may be. 

We respect all our service users and always treat them with respect and dignity and are always non judgemental in our approach. We will always take time to listen and understand your personal circumstances. We will always fight for your right and leave no stone unturned in doing so. Due to our approach we are confident that once you have used our services you will always use our services. 

We can cover cases throughout England and Wales at short notice, and our principal Solicitor Advocate Balaal Hussain Khan has dealt with some of the most serious cases in this country, within the Magistrates Court and as an advocate at the Crown Court including the Old Bailey. He has dealt with cases including: Terrorism, Preparing acts of Terrorism, Possession of Terrorist Material, Dissemination of Terrorist Material, Fund Raising for Terrorism, Murder, Manslaughter, Riot, Violent Disorder, Affray, Public Disorder, Racially aggravated offences, S18 Wounding With Intent, S20 Assault, S47 Assault, S39 Assault, Domestic Assault, Conspiracy to Supply Class A, Production of Drugs, Cultivation of Cannabis, Possession with intent to supply drugs, possession of drugs, Election Fraud, Child Grooming, running a Brothel, Prostitution, sexual offences, Rape, Historical Rape, Buggary, Cash for Crash, Fraud, fraud by false representation, theft by employee, Mortgage Fraud, DTI & HMRC prosecutions, TPIM, White collar crime, VHCC cases, Failing to identify a driver, theft, TWOC, Speeding, No insurance, No licence, Driving without due care and attention, dangerous driving, causing death by dangerous driving, causing death by careless driving, causing death whilst uninsured.  

He has had many dealings with prosecuting agencies such as the National Crime Agency; NCA (previously known as the Serious Organised Crime Agency; SOCA). He has regularly represented cases investigated by SO15 and the Counter Terrorism Unit; CTU . 

These are just an example of some of the cases that Mr Khan has dealt with, If it's a criminal matter the chances are that Mr Khan has dealt with it and will be able to provide expert advice and representation on it. 

Over the years with the cuts of legal aid we have seen a drop in the level of service afforded to defendants with many defendants attending the Crown Court with the Barrister only.  

At Balaal Khan & Partners we understand that the court attendances can be a daunting experience for many people, our caring approach means we will always aim to send a representative with you at the Crown Court, in order to make the court appearance a little bit easy. We will always instruct specialist Counsel for Crown Court Cases.  

At Balaal Khan & Partners Solicitors we provide a free initial consultation at our office, which is not limited in time. 

About Balaal Khan 

Balaal Hussain Khan started his legal Career at Khan Solicitors during 2005, within a short period of time (19th August 2011) he became a director of the company then in 2012 became the youngest Shareholder of the company. 

During 2008 he obtained a LLM Master’s degree specialising in Terrorism and Human Rights.

In 2009 he was shortlisted by the Law Society for a prestigious national award of junior lawyer of the year. He also gained his Duty Solicitor qualification in 2009 and has since worked in the Dewsbury, Sheffield and Bradford Duty Solicitor Schemes.

During 2011 he qualified as a Higher Rights Advocate in both Criminal and Civil Higher Courts. He has been briefed as a Crown Court Advocate on serious matters including, Terrorism, Kidnapping, S18 and S20 Wounding, Possession of S1 Firearm, PWITS Class A, Supplying Class A, Cultivating Cannabis and Money laundering.

He is a specialist in Terrorism related offences and has a following of clients throughout England and Wales. Balaal’s recent notable cases are:


R-v-TC (2017)- Instructed to represent TV in relation to Dissemination of Terrorist Publications.

R-v- SI (2016) – Instructed to represent SI in relation to encouraging acts of terrorism on social media contrary to Section 1 of the Terrorism Act 2006.

R-v-AI (2016) – AI was stopped by officers under Schedule 7, Terrorism Act 2000 at London Gatwick Airport, after returning from a trip to Somaliland. No further action was taken against him.

R-v-MI (2016) – Instructed to represent MI who is charged with offences contrary to Schedule 7 Terrorism Act 2000, namely refusing to answer questions, failing to provide information and refusing to provide passwords to his mobile phones.

R-v-ACI (2016) – ACI was arrested by the Police attempting to board a plane using a single way ticket into Istanbul. This was the second time that he has been arrested under the same circumstances. It was believed that he was going to cross the border into Syria to join the ISIS. Significant mindset material and telephone contact with persons in Syria was previously located from his computers and mobile phones on a previous arrest. No further action was taken against him.

R-v-Ahmed & Ahmed (2014) – Two brothers who had faced a charge of conspiracy to travel abroad to attend a place used for terrorist training had their trial stopped on this charge at the Old Bailey on the 25th September 2014 by His Honour Judge Gordon after representations were made on our behalf.

Muhammed Saeed Ahmed and Muhammed Naeem Ahmed had already pleaded guilty (on their first day of trial in November 2013) to charges of collecting and possessing information likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism contrary to section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000. Saeed Ahmed, aged 21 , represented by our firm was sentenced to 22 months imprisonment, suspended for two years. Naeem Ahmed, aged 20, received a sentence of 15 months imprisonment, also suspended for two years.

Both brothers were on bail throughout their trial.

We had instructed Andrew Hall QC and Naheem Mian as his Counsel.

R-v-ACI (2014) – ACI was arrested by the Police attempting to board a plane using a single way ticket into Istanbul. He then had a connecting flight to Sanliurfa. It was believed that he was going to cross the border into Syria to join the ISIS. Significant mind-set material and telephone contact with persons in Syria was located from the Defendants computers and mobile phones. No further action was taken against him.


R -v-KM (2016) – KM was a part of the high profile case, dubbed as the ‘Keighley Sex Gang’ a group of 12 men who committed serious sexual offences against two under-aged females in Keighley, West Yorkshire. 


R -v- OR (2016) - VHCC case codenamed Operation Enigma. OR was one of fifteen people have been arrested in 2010 across the country in connection with suspected money laundering worth more than £200 million. He was prosecuted by HM Revenue & Customs.

R -v- AC (2016) - AC was one of eight men including a magistrate from Bradford, charged with Fraud by False Representation in relation to a plot to defraud Western Union, providers of money transfer services throughout the UK and worldwide. The case involved the defendants tricking Western Union outlets into providing security identification details by making phone calls to them pretending to be from the firm’s IT department.


R-v-YM (2016) – YM was charged with an offence of attempting to pervert the course of Justice. He was one of six people charged in connection with the murder of Shuel Ali Hussain, who was shot in the stomach on Markham Avenue in Harehills on 9th March 2016.

R V BO (2015) – The Defendant was charged with Murder caused by a single stab wound to the deceased. The Defendant was seen on CCTV carrying a knife and his clothing was found to have traces of the deceased’s blood on them. After 5 days of deliberation the Jury were discharged, a retrial was ordered.

R v FK (2007) - The defendant was accused of shooting a male in the back of the head at point-blank range, with a semi-automatic pistol which had been converted to fire live ammunition.

Causing Death by Driving

R V MS (2016) - The defendant was charged with causing death by dangerous driving of a taxi driver and passenger in Bradford City Centre.

R v ZK (2012) - The defendant was charged with causing death by dangerous driving, perverting the course of justice and other motoring offences, in connection with a fatal road Traffic  accident.

R v SM (2010) - The defendant was charged with  causing death by careless driving and causing death by driving while uninsured for knocking down and killing a pensioner. She received a non custodial sentence.

Actions Against the Police

JH -v-The Metropolitan Police (2015) – Successful challenge against the legality of a search warrant issued at Hammersmith Magistrates Court. The Police accepted liability and all seized items including, Designer handbags, computer equipment, and financial documents were all returned to our client.

Our client was also paid compensation and we recovered our legal costs.

CJ -v- Bradford Magistrates Court (2015) – CJ was released with bail conditions including a curfew with doorstep conditions. An application was made before the Magistrates court to vary his bail address. This was granted. The Police arrested CJ afew days later stating that he has breached his bail by not residing at his bail address- which had not been updated on the court/police systems.

Bradford Magistrates accepted liability and our client received £3000 compensation and we received a contribution towards our legal costs.

JN -v-West Yorkshire Police (2014) – Successful challenge against the legality of a search warrant issued at Bradford Magistrates Court. The Police accepted liability and all seized items including, computers, significant financial documents and Significant cash were all returned to our client.

Our client was also paid compensation and we recovered our costs in Full.

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