Legal Aid 

Legal Aid is state funded financial assistance designed to provide for free legal advice from a solicitor at a police station during questioning, the costs of a solicitor preparing a case, and the costs of representation for a defendant in criminal cases at the Magistrates' Court. 

You may be entitled to free legal aid for your case. Anyone can apply for Legal Aid, but whether you qualify will depend on your financial situation (‘Means’) and the nature of the case (‘Interests of Justice’).  Even if you own your own home and have some savings in the bank, you could still get some financial help. Over 90% of our criminal clients obtain Legal Aid. The legal aid scheme is fairly complicated, and is subject to frequent change, so we will take the time to complete your application with you and submit this on your behalf for assessment. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 

If you are granted legal aid, you will not have to pay your own defence costs, unless you are convicted in the Crown Court, where the judge may order you to pay all or part of those costs. 

Private Funding 

If you wish to pay for our services on a private basis, then we would be happy to provide you with an up-to-date list of our current charges. 

We will provide you with an estimate of our likely costs. We are able to provide you with regular and accurate statements as to the nature and level of the costs incurred. 

We offer fixed rates for our privately paying clients and offer a Free initial consultation. 

Every one of our clients, whether privately funded or legally aided will receive the same level of service.

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