Balaal Khan has been known to me for many years of practice in the Crown Courts at Bradford and Leeds. During this time we have worked together on a significant number of serious and complex criminal cases. I have always found him to be highly professional and effective as a solicitor. I would be very happy to recommend him to anyone accused of a serious crime. In addition, I have always found him to be a sympathetic and caring individual who I am sure always has the best interests of his clients at heart.

Andrew Dallas

Park Square Barrister

Balaal Khan is an exceptional solicitor. He consistently exceeds the expectations of his clients by offering insightful and expert legal advice on the full spectrum of serious criminal offences. His tactical advice during a case is invaluable and his client care is second to none. The establishment of BKP Solicitors with Balaal Khan as its founder is therefore a welcome and much needed safeguard for the rights of defendants

Naeem Mian


I have worked with Balaal on numerous cases over the years. He is an excellent lawyer with a very human touch! He provides an excellent service to his clients and has the ability to cut through the morass of evidence in complex cases to the real issues. He has a wealth of experience in Criminal cases in general and in terrorism cases in particular. I would recommend him to anyone facing a Criminal investigation.

Abbas Lakha


Providing the highest quality of legal representation in cases involving terrorism, murder and serious violence, to complex fraud and drug conspiracies, Balal has extensive experience of the full spectrum of offences. He has a fantastic ability to grapple with complex legal issues, make excellent strategic and tactical decisions, and above all, fighting immensely hard for the lay client. A rare combination in any lawyer.

Sultana Tafadar


I have worked with Balaal Khan on many difficult and demanding cases and so I have first hand experience of his commitment and dedication to his clients. Balaal works tirelessly to ensure he achieves the best result for his clients. He has a hands-on approach and is 100% committed throughout every stage of the case. What really sets Balaal apart from his contemporaries is his unique ability to quickly identify the real decisive issues in a case.

Shufqat Khan


Balaal Khan acts with the utmost integrity and professionalism in all his cases. He is committed to securing the best possible outcome for his clients and works tirelessly on his cases to achieve this. He is proactive in investigating all avenues that may assist his clients and shows excellent judgement in terms of the best tactical approach to cases.

Kate Batty

Park Square Barrister

“Balaal Khan and his team are some of the most amazing, caring lawyers out there. I have known him and his colleagues both as a friend and as a client. I can't say enough good things. Honest, reliable, professional, and get the job done. They helped me with a very serious offence and got me cleared of all charges . Thank you, BKP!”



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